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October 25, 2005

The Latest Skinny

Hello Friends,
Well, Wintertime is almost upon us and things keep on changing as we speak. I am sad to inform you that my longtime cohort, friend and mentor, Bruce Todd, has decided to bow out from his role as guitarist with The High Rollers due to an overwhelming schedule in his personal and professional life. Bruce and I formed a partnership in 1996, during the infancy of The High Rollers, and kept it up for eight years.
Throughout his tenure with the band, Bruce managed to play nearly every gig, including two road trips to Arizona, all while holding down a full-time gig as a paralegal! During this period, we evolved together as musicians, got married, and shared a couple of personally enriching experiences down in New Orleans, Memphis, and Arkansas. Bruce is a man who dedicated himself 100 per cent to the musical cause and his presence in the band will forever be sorely missed. Perhaps the two of us will have the opportunity to work together again someday. Thank you, brother!
My little jaunt to the Midwest in September proved to be most fruitful and enjoyable. I had the pleasure of playing with Sean Carney, an amazing guitarist/vocalist, along with his equally talented bass player, Steve Perakis, and drummer, Eric Bloom. Also, Jimmy Rogers from Dayton, Ohio filled in remarkably well on piano and vocals. My special thanks to Mike Rosseli for loaning me his Vibrolux(boy, what a loud amp!) and his companionship. It was a lot of fun playing at the Soul Shine Festival as well as the Slippery Noodle. We hope to be back at both of those venues next year.
There's a great little place in San Jose called The Poor House Bistro that serves great food. I"ll be playing there again with Louis' Blues next Friday. Constable Jack's was fun(great burgers!); we'll be back there on November 18th. Also, mark on your calendar Sunday, December 11th when Louis' Blues will be playing at The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. Finally, The High Rollers will be returning to the legendary JJ's Blues in Santa Clara on Thursday, December 29th when the ubiquitous Marvin Greene will be making his debut as a High Roller!
Hope to see you all soon!
Your friend,

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