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January 20, 2008

Big Plans For 2008

Hello Friends,
Many positive things have been happening in recent months along with prospective plans for the rest of 2008. The Biscuits and Blues gig in back in October proved to be a huge success. We packed the room on a Wednesday night! Many of our friends as well as strangers showed up to enjoy a fun-filled evening with Louis' Blues.

In December, I played a couple of gigs in Mendocino and Humboldt counties. The first was at the Riverwood Inn; the second at The Caspar Inn. We will be returning to the Caspar Inn on February 8th and hope to bring out even more folks than the last time.

I just recently played a great gig with Louis' Blues at The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. We had Bowen Brown (formerly of Stompy Jones) on drums along with William Beatty (formerly of Indigo Swing) on piano. We organized a limousine to bring about 20 people to the gig! It was pretty cool. A very unique venue. People were actually "schussing" other folks who were talking in between songs. A very receptive and hip crowd!

I've been putting together another (more extensive) tour through the Pacific Northwest in early April. This time, we will be heading into British Columbia for a few gigs as well as several other gigs in the state of Washington and Oregon. It should prove to be very exciting. I'm currently gearing up to purchase a van to transport myself and my band mates for what will hopefully be the first of many little tours for my band in the future.

As you may know, the 100th anniversary of Louis Jordan's birthday is coming up on July 8th, 2008. I am trying to alert people with festivals and other musical venues to acknowledge, commemorate and celebrate this huge milestone in the legacy of Louis Jordan. He had such a far-reaching influence on so many modern-day musicians and should be recognized more than he has been in the past. There is a radio DJ out of Little Rock, Arkansas named Stephen Koch who is putting on a big event in Jordan's home town (Brinkley, AR) in July. Stay tuned to see if yours truly will be participating in this event.

Last but not least: I know I have mentioned my plans to record some new songs. Though they were side-tracked for a few months, I intend to get back in the studio next month. Who knows when it will be done; it could be as little as three months. As I said, big plans for 2008...stay tuned, folks!


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